Diamantina is a real pop gem
by - Geralda Cela

Diamantina Osmani is a pop-star in the making. The north-west London based songstress has always known she was destined for the stage from an early age when she would spend her time imitating music stars on the tv, “with anything I could find to use as a microphone, stealing my mum’s clothes and make-up and wanting to be them. Typical, I know, but it gave me a desire to also make people feel the way these music stars would make me feel โ€“ empowered,” she tells me.

And this feeling of empowerment has remained strong throughout the young artists’ life since moving from Prishtine, Kosovo to the UK helping her manifest her career and R&B dance-infused sound. That, Diamantina tells me is influenced by iconic pop-stars like Spice Girls, Sugababes and Tori Kelly to name a few.

Diamantina has steadily been releasing music since 2017, and her new single, Outermind is an amalgamation of her musical inspirations from the exuberant and euphoric, danceable beats to the catchy hook that showcases Diamantina’s vocal versatility. Here we meet the songstress to talk about manifesting your dreams, dream collaborations and what it felt like having her tunes played at Topshop Oxford street where she used to work.

How did you develop your passions for performing from a hobby, and watching these stars into where you are now?

My mum saw my passion for performing and invested all she could for me to attend drama, dancing, singing and violin lessons from a very young age. My schools would also encourage and nurture my talents through school productions, access to music studios and knowledge of music and its history. I grew to understand more than what I saw and heard on tv and radio and fell more in love with music.

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What kind of music did you grow up listening to?ย 

I grew up listening to whatever was popular at that time. My favourites were Britney Spears, JoJo, Pussycat Dolls, Spice Girls, Sugababes, when I got to my college years, I delved deeper into more genres like R&B/soul – Jazmine Sullivan, Tori Kelly, India Arie, Jessie J. All such powerful unique voices!

When did you decide you wanted to pursue music seriously or have you just known from a young age?ย 

From young, I’ve known that I wanted to be a singer or anything to do with performing and expressing myself. I went from acting to playing instruments, to writing poetry than songs and by 16 years old I had my first manager/producer and I knew this was getting serious now. No more covers but my own songs. From then on, it was non stop grinding and feeding my vision.

Where was the first place you performed and how was that?ย 

Iย can vividly remember when I performed my own songs for the first time. It was in a pub/bar in Stratford with only a few people and I was giving it my all blinded by the stage lights and moving all over the small stage and off the stage wanting to grab the audience’s attention and it worked!

What’s your writing process like?ย 

My writing process varies. It can start with a melody or a lyric. I prefer writing alone once the instrumental has a simple structure. Once I have a concept I want to explore, I brainstorm my ideas and then the magic happens. I just vibe it out and like a jigsaw puzzle with trial and error, the song completes its purpose. Hope that doesn’t sound cringe! I am a songwriter after all…

What was your writing process like for this song and can you tell us a bit more about the inspirations behind it?ย 

For my new single “Outermind“, I remember going through many lyrical and melodic and structure changes. It had to feel real to me. Outermind is my escape from reality. I want to remind myself like life ain’t a 5-star hotel. I am allowed to feel vulnerable and I am allowed to give myself a break.ย 
The dance drop in the chorus was initially inspired by Skrillex, Diplo & Justin Bieber’s song “Where Are รœ Now” โ€“ the whole build up and then an explosive rhythmic chorus. It also draws similarities from UK artist Katy B with the drum and bass infusion.ย 

Whatโ€™s been the highlight of your career so far?ย 

Touring in Italy in the summer of 2017, taking my music abroad was a glimpse of the future. A manifestation!ย Taking part in BBC 1’s All Together Now singing show last year and learning a lot from that TV experience. I made my younger self so proud.

Having my song Origami play in Topshop Oxford Street where I was previously working and my song Bandwagon had its first BBC 1Xtra play last year felt so surreal for me. Dreams really do come true! Step by step, celebrating each success.

What are you most looking forward to this year?ย 

Releasing more music and visuals consistently and seeing where it takes me to be honest. I don’t expect much. I have so much faith in my purpose that I don’t doubt that my music will soon be heard internationally.ย 

And who would be your dream collaborations?ย 

I have a strong passion to work with JoJo. She’s always been someone I’ve looked up to and I reckon we’d write something insane together.ย 
I’d also see myself collaborating with DJs like Jax Jones, Rudimental, Khaled or David Guetta. Gotta dream big right?ย