Diella Valla talks us through some of her favourite fashion illustrations
by - OG magazine

Prishtina-based Diella Valla is just 16 but is more than on her way to perfecting her craft. Her explosive designs that are packed with colour and an array of textures are attention-grabbing and bold.

We asked her to talk us through some of her favourite fashion illustrations.

In this “Green collection,” you can see the details and colours I’ve used, but there’s more. I have been inspired by many fashion designers and always analysed the materials they use, tones and shapes especially the way they transform a fashion sketch into a design. When illustrating I like natural poses, silhouettes and establishment tones. The techniques I used revolved around the aqua tones.

As a big fan of many rock bands, I have chosen to design something different and based on my love for bands such as Metallica, Acdc, ABBA, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Police, The Cure, Nirvana, David Bowie etc. I have made some pieces of the logos of those groups as the part of fashion used in this design. But I have also used many elements such as hairstyle, blouses, bags, trousers, accessories in a rock way. A big inspiration for this illustration includes 80 and 90s style.

“Red style girls” is one of my favourite sketches I have made. It made me express ideas and inspirations I have got from fashion bands including here Oscar De LaRenta in another dimension.
I have chosen a red colour because as we already know its a colour that influences everyone with its beautiful nuances. This fashion illustration expresses my ideas of having a fashion collection in the future.

In the fourth one, there is shown a face of a lady with a lot of details as the name of it tells”Surchargé de détails” in the French language as in English means “Overloaded with details”. To me, it’s not just a painting but as a real lady who is overwhelmed and feels many different emotions such as love, happiness, sadness etc. You can notice this to the flowers in her hands that express love, bright details including with red, blue, yellow and pink that express happiness and tears in their eyes (transformed in a different way). It expresses the consignment of a lady in her life as a way of protecting feminism.

The fifth one is the Winter Style collection.
Including bright and pale colours used I expressed this illustration as a way of a winter one. Winter is one of our favourite seasons and this includes darker shades and colours. And I contrasted it in the painted coats, trousers, hats and other accessories I have used bright colours.