Frosina’s pampering days
by - OG magazine

Every once in a while we all need to kick back, de-stress recharge batteries and pamper ourselves. This especially takes place in those looong/shitty weeks, the ones that felt like they were never going to end, when you annoying co-workers never seem to get the “not-in-the-talking-mood” signal, when your card got declined but you had to pretend it was an incident rather than your account screaming “Bihhh you broke don’t try to act all FANCY”, the one when you’ve been beating up your sweaty a$$ at the gym and eating literally grass from the ground only to find you’ve actually put on weight rather than losing it, the type of week when your period comes early FFS, when you have to put on your sunglasses in the dark on your way home because you’re crying because you saw a puppy crying on Instagram, the one when you WAS NOT READY for any of this, but you still had to deal with it all.

If this is a week you’ve been or are going through then baby girl you are not alone. Weekend, sometimes – -ooh, a nice Friday night pamper alone with just your bath, beauty products, your favourite music and Twitter for the company, what could be better ?!

This post is for THOSE kind of weeks/days.

Save it, remember it. Good Luck!

Exfoliating/Scrubbing your body– I usually use some of the LUSH products to do it, but if you don’t own one you can use sugar or sea salt, mix it with baby oil and you’re good to go. Trust me, you will feel the stress leaving your body together with the dead skin, the best thing about it is the smooth skin that comes afterwards, ahh..yes you’ll be a softie goddess ready to conquer the world and by the world I mean a good night sleep.

Steaming- I usually use boiled water, two chamomile tea bags and 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Opening up your pores after a week of wearing make-up will give you the same feeling as taking your bra off at the end of the day but for your face. Other than that it’ll make your face ready for the next steps.

-Face Mask- Uhh-Ohhh honey! I try to do face masks at last 2-3 times a week, but on the weekends I roll deeper than Adele. Seeing as I have acne-prone skin I usually use honey in most of my face masks, honey is a natural antibacterial and it works wonders on my skin, I mix it with lemon juice which helps on enlightening the scars and even out the skin tone. I am a sucker for natural ingredients so I try to use different combinations such as: Aloe Vera + Lemon Juice, Aloe Vera + Tea Tree Oil, Charcoal, Clay, etc. I’ve been on this regime for over 2 months and my skin has never been/looked better.

-Face Serum- This is a step you shouldn’t be avoiding on your skin care routine, they’re usually formulated with small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin. While most serums are meant to hydrate the skin their main goal is to deliver active ingredients deeper within the skin. However, they don’t provide a protective shield between skin and the environment. If you don’t use any acne products, serums should be applied after cleansing and toning. Oh… btw, serums can be quite expensive so if you’re on a budget I’d suggest mixing a few drops of Argan Oil and Tea tree oil.


-Moisturize- If you’re someone who is obsessed with getting the right products to use on your face (like me) then you already know how important moisturizing is. You can’t expect a flower to bloom if you don’t water it, right?! Same goes with your face, it needs to constantly stay hydrated in order to be glowing.

Netflix & Nails – Weekends are always the perfect time to catch up with your favorite telenovelas, and do your nails in the meantime.

-Online Shopping- Honestly God bless the person who invented online shopping, you’re able to do it at the comfort of your home and it doesn’t feel like you’re spending any money.

-Sleep- We underestimate the power of 8 hours sleep as a vital indicator of overall health and well-being and how much it indicates our day to day activates. As much as it seems impossible on the week days, we should try and get 7-9 hours of sleep on the weekends.

Other than that I really reallyyyy enjoy cooking and more then often my escape place will be in the kitchen, an escape where I join a creative process from taking a bunch of random things and combining them in a way that results in something great (hopefully :P).
The world is so incredibly full of shades of grey. It’s hard to know right from wrong, not to mention up from down sometimes. I often feel adrift.

But in the kitchen it’s just good; there’s no moral ambiguity. It’s using your hands and creating something from nothing.

So yeah.. If you’re having this kind of week that’s my recipe to soothe it, if you try it I guarantee you will wake up feeling ready for a MAMOTH day, like they say “Nourishing yourself is attainable, and you are worth the effort”.