Meet our Illustrators
by - OG magazine

These three artists, two of whom are sisters are the girls behind some of OG’s artwork:

Besa, US-based

Unpredictably wonderful – it’s always exciting to see what Besa creates. From outlining photography to retro-DIY drawn scrapbook images and mismatched graphics, we love the way she tells stories through her images and the characters created through them that have an almost nostalgic and sentimental feel. Besa’s style is unmatched.

Linda, Switzerland-based :

Political yet peaceful Linda’s work tackles the harsh realities of life as a woman in today’s society with a sense of empathy and empowerment. Her illustrations have been both abstract and representational which is a testimony to her versatility as an artist. Visually documenting difficult topics, her work feels almost therapeutic for women and girls who have gone through similar situations.

Jeta, US-based:

Dreamy and otherworldly Jetas’ art is just a glimpse into her boundless imagination. Mixing up old and new photography with juxtaposed, unexpected surreal settings backgrounds and also hand-drawn illustrations her personal approach is refreshing. These are some of the prints she created for us for a Help Refugees charity event last year: