OG recommends: 10 must-reads
by - Kaltrina Markaj

“Clipping our wings / The inequality of Albanian women and the neglect of mental health” by Margaritë Camaj

(available on Amazon)

A play based on true events and stories, which brings to light real issues regarding Albanian society. This issues must be revealed in order to adjust them. 

“Where the poppies bloom” by Fatmire Gjonbalaj Marke

(available on Amazon)

An intense written book, which takes you through some of the most horrific experiences of Kosovo war, seen with the eyes of the little Liridona. 

“I will cherish this book not only because it told a story that needs to be told but because of the way the author told it. Thank you Fatmire for writing this story and for being an advocate. – Vasfije Krasniqi Goodman” 

“Sworn Virgin” by Elvira Dones

(available on Amazon)

An intense novel that brings the reader close to the Albanian tradition through the story of Hana, that after the death of the uncle goes back to her village and refuses to accept an arranged marriage. So her only option is to follow the tradition and to become a sworn Virgin. 

“Besa Po” by Hana Noka
(available on Amazon)

An educational and inspirational book, inspired by the true story of love, loss, betrayal. BESA is a code of honour, a promise to protect someone or a Kingdom even with their life. PO is the word YES in Illyrian. 

“Und wir kamen jeden Sommer” by Elona Beqiraj 

(available in Resonarverlag.com)

A collection of poems, written in german, about the tragic experience of war, the escape from persecution, the sorrow of the old and young generations of immigrants, the feeling of not belonging hugged by the hope for better days. Maybe reunited in the Motherland. 

“Domesticated wild things” by Xheneta Aliu

(available on Amazon)

With a sophisticated brand of humour, the author brings up the story of constant battles, of strong men with weaknesses, of many women looking for a way out and young children of immigrants. 

“PARACOSM” by Dita Toska

Paracosm is a must-read. Dita is a talented young writer who somehow creates conjures up the most emotional responses with her words. As her debut book, Paracosm has been getting rave reviews and we can’t wait to see more from her.


”Negative Space” by Luljeta Lleshanaku
(available on Amazon)

Lleshanaku is considered the pioneer of contemporary Albanian poetry with an original language, not comparable with any European/American way of writing verses.  

In her seventh collection of poems, the biography of the poetess intertwines the repressive period of fascism in Albania, during which she grew up.

”The hand you won’t bite” by Ornela Vorpsi

(available on Amazon)

The multifaceted Ornela Vorpsi is the author of 10 books, which has been translated in different languages such as French, English, German, Greek and so on. 

In the book translated as “The hand you won’t bite” the reader is confronted with issues including the dilemma of the ones who left their motherland and are living in the West, as well as the analogies and differences between Albanian and Bosnian culture.

”Te dua / I love you” by Fatmire Gjonbalaj Marke

Last but not least: A bilingual book for the little ones, which teaches us to measure the ways how to answer a question every child usually asks: How much do you love me?