Techno talent Eliss shares some of her favourite tracks and an OG mix
by - Geralda Cela

Eliss is a DJ by accident. Two years ago, she decided to get behind the decks on a whim to help her friend, “I was with my friend who was working at the club at that time, she told me she would like to play music there but she wouldn’t do it by herself so I decided to join her.I’m into the technical side of things so I learnt the software to use and teach it to her. We downloaded a load of music and both played that night. To her, it was just a one time thing but the first time I did it, I fell in love with it,” Eliss recalls of the first time playing.  

“I work with energy, so when I find something I really like doing – I lose myself on it”. Feeling an instant connection with the art-form, Eliss has since been rapidly growing within Prishtina’s music scene with her signature dark, twisted techno sets, filling various parties and clubs across Kosovo. Last year she played her first Festival – Summit, “it was the first time that I played with an actual Pioneer DJ Digital USB decks instead of a laptop. I really enjoyed the open air festival, I loved the whole vibe” She reminisces.

Alongside creating the mix for us below, I spoke with Eliss about various topics as our conversation wondered from Jobs, Kosovo and some of her favourite tracks.


Eliss brings up that she hopes she’s able to preserve her passion for Djing and not wanting it feeling like a job, “I love it and I want to take it more seriously but I don’t want to look at it as a job, because jobs get annoying after a while. A lot of successful big DJ’s look like their not even enjoying it. But you’re playing for people, you’re absorbing their energy that’s how I look at it. If people are having fun, I’m consuming all their energy and I’m having fun also. I want to dance and forget if I’ve loaded a track or not.”

The hardest part of DJing

“You need to really listen and understand the tracks to know how to work with them. The way I see it its like a story you are telling through the music, people have to feel it . So the hardest part of DJing is understanding the power you have and deciding how you want to approach the crowd with it because learning the technical stuff is really not that hard. You can teach yourself from Youtube videos. That’s literally how I learnt.”

On Kosovo creative generation:

“We have really driven young people not just not in music but in the arts in general. Our generation right now, just wants to get out there and we’re doing that by developing ourselves and in turn, that’s developing the country and the music scene. We work as a family and have a really good connection with one another, because we are mostly young people in Prishtina so everybody goes out, and it’s a way of freeing ourselves especially during the weekends.”

The best thing about the underground scene in Kosovo right now

“Probably the crowd. I always have my friends to support me and watching them dance fills me up with energy. And also other female DJs right now – who are really supportive of one another which is really nice. The partying is a whole experience, it’s not just about the  DJ’s or the crowd it’s also the place – the feel and I think we have a lot of good places to play music at. It’s the atmosphere and the way the stages are designed that make up the whole experience – Bahnhof used to be my favourite, currently, there’s M club in which lots of people play there’s also the Theatre of oda.”

Moving forward within the scene

“Hopefully more clubs maybe specific to certain genres. I really hope that in time, people will start opening up more places and being more open to draker music. Because I think they’re kind of scared of darker stuff but it can be beautiful, as long as you have the proper stage, the proper lights, the proper people. So I really hope that it happens but if not I will consider doing that on my own.”

Top 5

Irregular Acid by Remco Beekwilder [Patterns EP] – I have a deep connection to this track and artist.

Cyanure Dance by I Hate Models – This artist!!! Gave me the chills once I got to listen to him live. The way he plays with sound is a masterpiece. The name of the track says it all.

I Can Liberate You From The Devil by JeanneThe mixture of techno with the holy sounds – I find that very arousing to the ear 

SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs by SHXCXCHCXSH-Its all about abstract experimental techno

You Won’t Understand by Hemka because one just wouldn’t